Pavia the beautiful

Pavia the beautiful

Once, not too long ago, instead of the many bars which can be seen today, there were many attractive and original taverns: “two thousands taverns” Angelo Ferrari, that authentic poet of ours reckoned with a smile; at that time Pavia was full of gardens and cars were scarce, without clamour and rich in silence: surely not all of them, but many things have now changed: like the water of the river, which had a bitter and ancient taste when you drank it. We can say that time changes things, but only those which it can change; and in any case, it finds an obstinate and tenacious resistance in Pavia. This is a town that does not want to change; it considers itself beautiful, wise and good enough to live in without having to transform itself into something else. Better to fall into the abyss; and let’s hope we will never get there.

  • Autore

    Mino Milani

  • ISBN 9788889214435

  • Caratteristiche del volume cm. 22x22 composto da n. 192 pagine con n. 90 immagini

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